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Land More Clients Faster With Our “Hidden Gem Niches” Power Pack & Remote Prospecting System

Yes, you read that right.

Pretty much pick a number and set in motion a few processes and they would appear, almost magically.

Wouldn’t that be great? 

You wouldn’t worry about making your bills that month or ANY month. 

Because you’d know EXACTLY what to do to set the system in motion... You’d know exactly what to expect… 

FINALLY... you'd lay your head on the pillow each and every night... not hoping, praying or guessing... but KNOWING exactly how many new local clients will arrive in the next few days...  

Consistently, predictably and reliably... like clockwork! 

When you have a proven system like this working for really does change EVERYTHING.  

Start Tapping Into These “Hidden Gem Niches”

When you add this upgrade right now, you'll get EVERYTHING below:

Our Top 21 “Hidden Gem Niches” Guide ($150 Value)

In Professional Services Payday, we discuss some of the most lucrative niches in local marketing. But there are MANY more niches out there, and some of them are like untapped gold mines!

The benefit of many of these niches is they’re generally not saturated with other marketers attacking them… And most are growing quite fast and owners are more optimistic about their businesses. That’s exactly the kind of situation you and I should be looking for.

With our guide to the Top 21 "Hidden Gem Niches," you'll never be at a loss for new directions and opportunities.

Using THE Most POWERFUL Remote Prospecting Strategy

With our new Remote Client System, you can FIND, get positive ATTENTION from, and INFLUENCE the BEST prospects.

You'll close deals at a higher percentage than you've ever done before... because you're fishing in a barrel filled with starving fish, and using dynamite for insurance!

PLUS, this new approach is EVERGREEN, so it's always going to work... and it gives you the biggest, fastest jump possible into six-figure income territory. Stop copying what others are doing — go your own way...

So How Does It Work?

We're introducing a new system that captures the attention and marketing dollars of local businesses - using a secret database over-flowing with red hot, qualified prospects - cash in hand!

And we're calling our method "Remote Client System." You'll gain access to a system we’ve been using to capture highly targeted prospects — those that have already identified themselves as needing our help.

We’ve discovered that prospects that fit this bill, all hang out in a few specific areas online, and we’re going to reveal exactly where they're located.

What makes this new method so incredibly special?

Once you’ve been introduced to our new "fishing holes," so to speak, our method for generating simple visual marketing audits is going to change your business.

Our students have closed dozens of new clients with this training and agree it’s like taking candy from a baby.

In fact, taking this training is like being awarded a Masters Degree in Local Marketing... it's going to feel like the day you finally "turn PRO."

Take a look at what you'll learn...

  • How To Pick Your Angle (This is Key) Not just any angle but what we've determined to be the strongest
  • ​The Google Tool That Keeps It All Organized. We've never seen a better tool for making this work. 
  • Using The P**el Angle! All important and we teach it right. 
  • Why The Reviews Angle works. Tom's take on why the psychology is so important.
  • Selecting the 'Right' target market. Our best criterion explained.
  • ​Deciding The Best of 5 'Hunting Grounds'. Tom's experience will guide you.
  • ​The Image Production Process Simplified. No matter who you are you can do this. It's Step-By-Step.
  • ​​Introducing the Process Tools. We're making it easy with these. 
  • ​Modifying The Process (optional) This gives you flexibility depending on your personality. 
  • The Audit Flow. Step-By-Step process for you to follow. 
  • Batching The Process For Speed. This is how you achieve volume. 
  • Demo Example
  • ​Templates & Resources
  • ​Rejection-Free Email Templates

You Also Get All Of Our Templates & Worksheets So You Can Get Started Quickly...

Prospecting Worksheet for easy organization
Proven copy-and-paste cold email scripts
Exclusive Secret Resources List
Video Audit Template for you to copy
Proven copy-and-paste social media contact scripts
Look, the bottom line is you'll never know unless you try this out.

Explanations can only go so far. Combining this system with Professional Services Payday is a winning combination. Of course we endorse this entire approach and are getting excited about what's in store for you.

PLUS... These Additional 
Real World Case Studies

The Solution To Scope Creep Case Study
($100 Value)

As digital marketing business owners, one of the most important skills you'll learn is how to say “no” when a request extends beyond an agreement. 

While we want to make clients happy, we don’t want to run a pushover agency. If we feel obligated to say “yes” every time, we’ll end up doing more work than we’re being paid for. And eventually find ourselves in a place of burnout.

We recently had a client continue to ask for extra edits after the completion of our website work, that far superseded the contracted scope of work we had agreed on. 

How did we handle this client? You'll see exactly how in this behind-the-scenes case study.

Recurring Payment Declined... What Next? Case Study ($100 Value)

Recurring revenue is the pinnacle of agency success. But sometimes, there are bumps in the road.

I'm talking about failed payments. When a client's monthly invoice payment doesn't go through, it could be an oversight, or a mistake... or something worse.

So how do you breach this sensitive issue with your client?

In this behind-the-scenes case study, you'll see exactly how we handled the issue when it came up recently with a client we wanted to retain.

Say NO To Discounts & Get The Deal Case Study 
($100 Value)

Sometimes, a prospect or client may negotiate on prices. They might ask you about giving them a break or inquire about special circumstances. 

We understand the extensive work and time that goes into creating a quality website — even if we're not the ones doing it! We compensate our agency members, build and monitor the site, and work to return overhead costs back into our business, covering software, workspace, and equipment.

So how do you handle it when people ask you about discounts? Do you grant their requests or flat-out refuse them?

Check out this behind-the-scenes case study where you'll see how we decided to respond to an existing client who recently approached us about creating a new website for their business, but wanted a discount.

What To Do When They Have No USP Case Study ($100 Value)

Sometimes, regardless of the amount of effort put into a marketing campaign, a client's unsustainable business model results in little chance of turning a profit. 

We’ve noticed a common issue with businesses in these situations, and it has little to do with marketing budget, product quality, or even the amount of traffic their websites get. 

We’ve recently had two such situations come up for clients in our agency. One, a dropshipping company, sold high-end luxury products like jewelry, clothing, bags, and other accessories. The other client sold software to develop apps.

In this behind-the-scenes case study, you'll see how we dealt with both.

How To Respond To Client Concerns Case Study 
($100 Value)

No one likes to deal with negative feedback. New entrepreneurs often struggle to respond when concerns or complaints arise over the quality of their services. 

Do you know how to respond to the client and move forward?

In this behind-the-scenes case study, you'll see exactly how we dealt with it recently... and how you can do the same.

How To Turn Current Work Into More Work Case Study ($100 Value)

As an agency owner, your best source of new business is often right under your nose: existing clients!

If you want to increase the amount of services and revenue for your business, it’s easier to get more work from a current client than to recruit a completely new one. If you have someone who already trusts you and likes your work, there’s a greater likelihood of them coming back to you for later needs or additional service. 

Often, all it takes is a strategically-timed follow-up after the initial services to see if you can offer any further help. 

In this case study, you'll see how we communicated with a client in a way that lead to more business almost immediately!

Expand Your Opportunity

with Our Hidden Gem Niches

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Add This Upgrade Right Now!

  • Hidden Gem Niches Report ($150 Value)
  • The Solution To Scope Creep Case Study ($100 Value)
  • Recurring Payment Declined... What Next? Case Study ($100 Value)
  • Say NO To Discounts & Get The Deal Case Study ($100 Value)
  • What To Do When They Have No USP Case Study ($100 Value)
  • How To Respond To Client Concerns Case Study ($100 Value)
  • How To Turn Current Work Into More Work Case Study ($100 Value)
  • Remote Client System: Pick Your Angle Module ($99 Value)
  • ​Remote Client System: Pick Your Target Market & Hunting Grounds Module ($99 Value)
  • Remote Client System: Record Your Videos Module ($99 Value)
  • Sample Audits, Templates & Resources ($299 Value)
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